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Psychological Evaluation:

  • A comprehensive psychological, educational or neuropsychological evaluation can help when learning, attention, or behavior problems present in a manner that cause disruption for a child at school, home or in the community.

  • These evaluations include standardized cognitive and academic tests, as well as focused behavioral tests and procedures.

  • For individuals with concerns about concentration and focus we complete assessment tests that look specifically at issues of focus, memory, concentration, executive function and output. Assessments for anxiety, depression, and related disorders are also provided.

  • In addition to being useful for school accommodations a psychological evaluation is also a key component used in developing a long term education plan (an Individual Educational Plan or “IEP”) or a school to work transition plan.

  • How long does it take to get an appointment? It usually takes approximately two weeks to arrange an appointment for an evaluation. Dr. Phillips brings her experience as a psychologist, mental health counselor, certified classroom teacher, and behavior consultant to local school districts, children and families.

  • How long will the evaluation take? The typical evaluation takes approximately eight hours, usually scheduled over two days. Some students may require additional time to complete the testing to fit their work speed and need for breaks, or to gather additional test data to better understand their emotional, behavioral or learning difficulties. Some materials are completed at home.

Mental Health Counseling:

  • The psychoeducational assessment also includes an assessment of behavior and emotional status. Interventions and treatments are addressed in the report and can be provided through Educating Youth.

  • Dr. Phillips specializes in working with children and adolescents, and provide them with therapy for anxiety, depression, social pragmatic weaknesses, social stress, low self-esteem, ADHD and the anger management and other behavioral challenges associated with it, and academic challenges - especially learning disabilities.

  • Therapeutic approaches that Dr. Phillips utilizes with her clients include: play therapy, supportive psychotherapy, stress reduction (using mindfulness techniques), solution focused therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • Dr. Phillips provides family members with other direct interventions, when needed.  She will also provide referral supports when it has been determined that a client(s) need therapy services that are offered by other specialists.

Evaluation Results:

  • The results of a psycho-educational evaluation guide us in developing and monitoring appropriate interventions. In some cases a full Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) can be completed and presented to the school.

  • What happens after the evaluation is completed? After the evaluation is complete an individual feedback session is scheduled. The session typically lasts from one to two hours. In this session Dr. Phillips will review and explain the test results, make recommendations for academic accommodations and related support services, and answer any questions families might have. Feedback sessions for school districts are also available.

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